ME:Another Site Coodinator

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 16 Nov 1996
Time: 19:46:32


When we met Olga Vasquez (?) on Thursday at Barrios Unidos, she told us that when she first started La Clase Magica, there were two site coordinators, one from La Clase Magica and the other from the university. She was telling us that the coodinator that was from the university was someone who was there more for the undergrads. The other coordinator was there more for the kids, but both coordinators worked together as resources for everyone. I was thinking how helpful having tow coodinaotrs would be (too bad it's not in the budget) considering we sometimes have questions that Maurice doesn't have the answers to or questions we can't answer ourselves. I was also thinking about how some of the games we have are B.U might be too challenging for the kids. Do you think they really are or do the kids need to slow down and have more patience with the games?