Re: ME:What causes struggles through school?

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 16 Nov 1996
Time: 20:23:10


Eugene, I think that a lot of those kids got too influenced by peer pressure or they lacked motivation to continue their schooling at my high shcool. Maybe some of those kids didn't have as much guidance when they were young as some other kids do. I grew up in a similar neighborhood that the kids who left shcool did. I think that my own upbringing had a lot to do with my developmental trajectory being different from theirs. My parents had high expectaions for me and when I was growing up, they made sure I either lived up to or close enough to those expectations. My parents were also very strict; there were a lot of times when I couldn't go out with my friends or go anywhere without my parents. When I was growning up, I thought my parents were too strict and often wanted to rebel. I'm glad I didn't rebel because a lot of the kids who did rebel, ended up getting pregnant, joining a gang or in jail.