Re: ME:meeting olga

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 18 Nov 1996
Time: 14:33:04


Hi Valerie--

Thanks you for wonderful note you wrote. I think your observations and reflections are very keen. We are still in the process of building a community that includes kids and all us. Yes, language and culture barriers are there. We need to learn how to use them positively and benefitted from each other.

You wrote, " i am usually a good adapter to unfamiliar situations." I wonder if these unfamiliar situations involve different culture, language, and institution?

I think that our intuition and smoothness in communication is based on meeting expecations, mutual recognizing patterns, and flexability of moving among different patterns. It may require time to recognize and learn new patterns of communications.

What makes you think to feel unwelcomed at BU? Is there any way to help you (and others) to feel more comfortable?

Let us know how we can help, please.