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From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 19 Nov 1996
Time: 21:04:43


Hello ALL,

As you've probably noticed I've been absent for the web for some time now. I've had some family emergencies this quarter, the lastest of which took me home to LA for the past week. I'm back now, and have some serious posting to do. Please bare with me as I get the hang of this again (I have a pile of Field Notes to transfer to the web). So please do comment on them if you can.

Also because I missed class Monday, my flight arrived back earlier this morning, I didn't have the opportunity to have someone read over my papers, or to look at someone else's for that matter. So if anyone has time, I'd like to have someone take a look at them before I email them to Pablo. (let me know, thankx). Also if you can let me know how the discussion of the papers came out.