Re: ME:Do girls play Oregon Trail?

From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 20 Nov 1996
Time: 04:16:15


Annie this an interesting observation you've raised.

Me, I don't find Oregon Trail very appealing. I've tried it once (without much excitement), but I've watched a few male undergrads play it on a number of occassions. One time Jacob was nice enough to explain to me the 'point' of the game. The concept, I guess, is interesting to some, and its interactive setup seems cool. But I've always seen it played by mostly men, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. It didn't quite seem appealing to me to jump right in and join the 'the boys' in their game... 1)them seemed to take it very seriously. Of course, I'm not imtimidated by the thought of joining with them in play. I don't know too much about the game and that makes me reluctant to play especially with people who are quite advanced in it (like many of the male undergrads are).

I guess girls haven't been encouraged to play (I know I haven't), nor do they see themselves in the people that do play.