Re: ME:Another Site Coodinator

From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 20 Nov 1996
Time: 05:12:37


David wrote: I think it is safe to assume that Maurice was hired, trained, and is supervised by the same incompetent people who "organize" Barrios Unidos.

Although I may not be one of many who hold this belief, I don't believe Barrios Unidos is organized by incompetent people. We are participates in this UC Links project (computer program) at Barrios Unidos but for the most part many of us although we go down there 2 times a week, know very little about what exactly Barrios Unidos IS and what it DOES. We had a brief overview on the first day of class yet that was not as informative as it could have been. Barrios Unidos is and does more than just run this project we are involved in. Because we see only this portion of BU we are not in a position to speak to the general functioning and organization of BU as a whole (or the people who run it).

Everything exists in a larger context, and because this project is a part of BU, it is important that students have a better understanding of the 'community' they, in fact, enter every time they walk through those front doors. (Definately more background than we were given).

Small, grassroots, service organizations such as BU are most times understaffed, underfunded, and they experience frequent turn over in workers & volunteers; BUT their EFFORTS and IDEALS are good. There is a lot of hard work being done at BU. Of course some of their projects won't run as smooth or refined as one you might find in a big Corporation, or in something solely run by the University (like the computer labs).

Now enough of sounding like a Barrios Unidos PR person.

I think the reasoning behind having an additional site coordinator is necessary to address. Although I think for such a small space two site coord. might be a bit much. A computer lab technician is needed though. Whether that person is afflicated with BU, the university, or in the class. Two people can not replace proper training. (and I don't think BU should be solely responsible for training the site coordinator).