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From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 11.20.96
Collaborative: Selected
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LearningArea: Automatization
Date: 20 Nov 1996
Time: 21:18:33
Remote Name: ss1mac-12.ucsc.edu





today i worked with calixa. i had worked with her last week. she played a few games by herself and then i went to play snoopy, the game we played last week, with her. Last week when she played she needeed alot of assisting. there is this one part where you click on these arrows to guide your boat to the finish line. lash week it took her over 4 minutes. today it took her only 2 minutes and nine seconds. i was very proud of her. One thing that i really enjoyed watching today was this young young girl came in and was playing the lion king. she didnt really know what to do so she was just clicking on the songs. i went and sat by her but she didnt say anything so i went back over to calixa. i was watching her from time to time and at one point maria went over and was talking to her. then nela went over and nela and maria helped the girl play. the best thing about it was that nela taught her a game i taught her, and she taught it in the same way. it was a game where you type in the letters and the animal falls into the water. i dont think either girls know how to read english, but they both played the game sucessfully. anyways it made me very happy.


i think that today celixa showed that she was in the self assistance stage and is on her way to internalizing the game we played. while this may not happen because we may not play it again or something. i think maria, nela and the little girl were working collaborativly with the two older girls being more capable others while giving the young girl ownership of the game.


today-like 4 computers were down. everything went o.k though. i still am noticing a lot of the kids coloring rather than playing computer games.