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From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 21 Nov 1996
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You asked is winning everything in your title and I think most times it means a WHOLE LOT.

you said, "I watched him point to the wrong square and tell Annie it would give her a match and then make that match on his next turn."

Wow, that is sneaky huh. When we play games at certain points we figure out strategies to increase our chances of winning. Do you think that he purposely did that, or was it a mistake that he gave her a wrong hint? It is interesting to me that after you beat him, he wanted to play again. Who asked to play again, him or you? How did he seem after you beat him? I realize that your were unable to talk due to the language differences between the two of you, but did he have a noticeable change in facial expression or any other bodily signals? I've found that many times kids haven't wanted to play me a second game after I've beat them, and when they beat me they can play forever(My FN #1).

You reflected that he may have stopped early in the second game because you both couldn't talk to each other as he and Annie did. I think that fact that you won may also have a lot to do with it? Did he ever go back to that game at any point later in they day, which may indicate he still wanted to play, yet not with someone who beats him. Filogonio plays that game a lot from what I've seen and he is sort of the TOP player, who wins may mean more than we realize.

you asked, "How do I go about understanding why he stopped playing if I can't ask him?"

Maybe ask Annie to ask him since they are able to communicate pretty well. One of the bilingual kids in the room may even be able to help.

good luck,