ME: Wizard, Mazes, Structure, Goal

From: Mercedes Monaco
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Date: 21 Nov 1996
Time: 22:30:09


As was probably obvious, I've been trying to get at the idea of our goal. The basic answer I'm recieving is that we want some learning to take place for the kids and for the undergrads, and we want a link between the Community and the University.

The reason I've been asking about a goal is that it seems that having a common goal would help us with the big issue of the maze and the wizard (which is basically an issue of structure). If our goals are in fact as general as "some learning", what would really be the point of adding a strict structure.

The structure would narrow our goals. If we implement a maze, we implement various goals and decide what we want the kids to learn. If we impliment a wizzard we set goals for the kids through our goals for the wizard (problem solving etc).

This could be good and bad.

I think rather than talking in terms of shoulds and shouldn'ts we can just come up with a detailed idea of what implementing these structures would look like and how that would or would not be benifical.