ME:Internet finally came to BU!

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 22 Nov 1996
Time: 11:58:33


Hello everybody--

After two days of struggling with a computer at BU, I finally set Internet using my personal Netcom account. This computer is the closest to the door (that has tape backup).

To use Internet browser click on Internet icon. The MS Internet Explorer will open together with modem connection window. Click on Connect button (please, do not change anything in the configuration!!!!). After modem connect the computer with Netcom computer, you can use the Internet browser. You can explore the web that I created on the starting page with the kids. There are links to games and so other useful sites.

I also set up e-mail for Maurice. His address is I trained him a bit how to use it (it's MS Exchange software). He may need to have extra help.

I also set up e-mail account for kids. It is To use it click on Barrios Unidos e-mail icon that starts Eudora e-mail software. We can start slowely to teach kids how to use it.

Let's discuss how to use Internet and e-mail with kids here.