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From: Sharon Wie
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VisitDate: 11/20/96
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LearningArea: De-automatization
Date: 22 Nov 1996
Time: 19:31:04
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Jose, about 10 years old


I usually work with the same kids at Barrios Unidos. For me, having that basis of a relationship helps to interact and socialize with the child. When I first got there, I began to play with Calixa, a girl I had showed how to play blocks previously. She wanted to play again and wanted me with her. Next to her was Jose, whom I'm showed how to play Monopoly and other board games. After some time, Jose asked me to play with him and I agreed since Calixa was doing well at her game (now a CD rom one). Jose taught me how to play the dots game and seemed to be having a wonderful watching and helping me play. I think it felt good for him to know something that I didn't. We joked around a lot (hey we were in competition) and he told me some very personal information. Jose seemed to have trusted me and felt as ease working with me. Later he wanted to play a marble game that I never played. Again, he grew excited showing me how to play.


Personal relationships are important to me and to many other people. In many ways, I think it as very beneficial for the child, teacher, and facility to get to know as much about the child as possible. Especially since Barrios Unidos is an informal atmosphere, we should feel a little more comfortable talking to the kids.


Is it more meaningful to work with the same kids each time? Is is better just work with what kids what to play with you? Should we get to know all the kids the days we are working there?