Re: ME:Wednesday Nite's Class

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 25 Nov 1996
Time: 13:12:23



Mecedes wrote, "I agree that a lot seemed to happen. I'm wondering though why not earlier? It seems like maybe this should take place earlier next quarter. What do others think?" This is an interesting question, could this talk happen at the beginning of the class?

My answer is that I doubt that it could because I believe that for a such intense talk all participants have to be involved rather heavily in the project to raise and understand the issues we are faced. Of course, as you remembered there was orientation at the beginning of this class and it will be be another one (obviously a bit different) at the begining of the next quarter. But I'm sure that in both cases students will hear not exactly what they face themselves. They also were and will be exposed to different and conflicting visions of the project depending whom they did or will talk with.

As to my reflection on this process -- I consider it to be normal (although frustrating at time). What do you think?