ME:wed class

From: valerie boes
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Date: 25 Nov 1996
Time: 21:03:34


hi, sorry it took me so long to respond to the class, some unexpected things happened to me this week and i am all crazy. but anyways, i really liked the class on wed. it semed like the lady(i forgot her name) the blond, was really interested. by that one meeting i could tell why it has been such a struggle setting b.u. up. it seems as if nobody has a clue. there is so many people involved with really good intentions, yet because there are so many perspectives, it doesnt seem like to many people are agreeing. one thing ive noticed alot in this class and with wed. meeting is the fashion in which us undergrads are adressed. it seems when we ask a question the answer is started off with "that's a good question" or something else of the sort, but a lot of the times the answer doesnt get answered. i think that happened alot on wed. i dont know if this is some type of new thing, but other students talked about it too. i feel that and straight answer would be perferable. One other thing i liked about the class was the different emotions going on. -anger, laughter,compassion etc. its nice to see that this class has had such a large impact on us.