Re: ME:wed class

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 26 Nov 1996
Time: 12:59:49


Valerie, nice discussion meassage. Let me first say. I and everyone else (i.e., Eugene, Pablo, and even UC Links sterring committee) are aware of the issues\ that you and your fellow classmates are bringin up. You are our eyes and ears, becuase you are there, working with the kids and you know what needs to be adressed in terms of problems. You asked about a straight answer to questions that arrise. Honestly, because we are learning by doing and we never don this before at BU, with UCSC, we sometimes don't have an answer. However, what I can also add, is that we take our time, discuss, problem solve and make the best attempt we can to find an answer. I hope this helps, Ed.