Re: ME:a lot of the times the answer doesnt get answered

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 27 Nov 1996
Time: 13:14:27


Hi Valierie-

You wrote, "a lot of the times the answer doesnt get answered." I think that you noticed a very important phenomenon but I disagree with your interpretation. In my view, many (if not all) of your questions were answered but they were answered in ways that many of you do not expected that is why, in my view, you didn't hear the answers. In his reply to you, Pablo elaborated this idea. In a way, this is why it is important to keep discussion on the web -- we all can return and re-read what we said even if we missed the point first time.

I suggest you to read a web discussion thread initiated by Mercedes about Goal, Structure, Maze, and Wizard on Nov. 21. It is a good example of the exchange I am talking. I am not sure if you consider my answer to Mercedes as an answer if it was an oral exchange.

I think it maybe beneficial if you raise your questions that you want us to answer on the web.

Thanks for raising an issue,