ME:new games are a HIT!

From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 02 Dec 1996
Time: 21:52:32


Today Barrios Unidos seemed to be buzzing with excitement. It seemed the kids were really into the new games. It could be just that the games are novel.. a break from the norm or (and I tend to think this is the case) that the new games are more cool and exciting. I saw kids today, like Victor (who I'll be writing my fn about), who hasn't seemed very interested/challenged by the games in a while really get into THE NEEED FOR SPEED (a fast-paced action-packed road and track game). It is exciting to see, a sort of rebirth... lighting a fire to the flame.

What do the rest of you think? How do we keep up the momentum/newness/action at the site? Are these new games really a hit or is it just me? (cause I was pretty excited about the racing game myself!)