FN# 9:draft#1: Struggles Over The New Games

From: Jess Thyne
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VisitDate: 12/02/96
Children-Run: Selected
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Date: 04 Dec 1996
Time: 02:22:34
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Victor: 6th grade Arrianna: 5th grade Maria: 5th grade


Many new games came to BU! Many of the computers were taked by the students for the beginning of class because we had to install some new stuff on the hard drives of the CDrom computers. The kids were very restless waiting for the computers, and the new games. The air at BU was already tense because of the technical problems, so I was not very surprised to see some conflicts.

The first conflict I saw was between me and Victor and Maria. I was attempting to install the arcade game disk on the hard drive and Maria had claimed the computer for when I was done. Victor came over and wanted to see what was going on. He was so impatiant with the installing process, that he clicked the mouse in frustration. This interuppted the install, and I had to start over. Maria was upset that she had to wait longer. Victor again tried to make the process go faster, but he interupted it again. Maria and I were now quite bothered by Victor, and I (somewhat forcefully), asked him to play on another computer. He left in a huff, and I finished installing the games.

Then, after Maria had been playing for a while, Arrianna wanted to have a turn, but Maria would not let her. Arrianna complained to me, but I felt baddly about getting angry at Victor, so I told the girls that they needed to work things out by themselves. The girls had quite a struggle. Arrianna asked me if she could beat up Maria, and all I said was to not hurt the computers. Maria grabbed the mouse, and Arrianna grabbed the keyboard, and the two of them argued for about ten minutes before Maria finally gave in and let Arrianna play.


I was glad to see the kids so engaged with the computers and the games. I have not seen much conflict at BU, and I feel that the lack of arguments could be due to a lack of real interest. I think that today, the kids diplayed real interest, and wanted very badly to play.


I don't know if Victor was very hurt by my being upset, and making him go away, but I did later apoligise, and I think that he will be OK. I also don't know if I was right to not help settle the girls fight, but they did settle it eventually, and not too much violence occured in the process.