ME:Re: to Ed- Racial seg at UCSC

From: Annie McDevitt
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Date: 05 Dec 1996
Time: 15:17:59


Ed, Thanks for replying to my message. You bring up a good point about racial segregation here at UCSC. It's interesting because this is supposed to be such a culturally diverse campus but, actually it's one of the whitest UC's. The separation is really blatant. I lived at Porter college for 3 years, probably the whitest college of an already white University. I had some friends of color there who hated it because there was so little diversity. They didnt' feel like they fit in. One friend of mine always preferred to hang out at Oaks. I wonder if students of color tend to gather together on this campus because there are so few of them. They may spend all day going to class, being one of few students of color, so in their spare time they want to be around people who's culture they are used to. What do you think about this or more generally about the racial situation on this campus?