Re: ME:Re: to Ed- Racial seg at UCSC

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 05 Dec 1996
Time: 15:53:08


Annie, unfortunately, like you pointed out, UCSC is a very "European American" campus. I work with some people in EAOP and in Records and Budgets and stastically, Mexican American / Latinos make up about 15%, Asians about 25%, and African Americans about 4% and the rest are European American. Also, I am very much aware that becuase of their small number, the ethnic groups, although they do interact with everyone, establish very close and tight groups consisting of their same ethnicity.

It is also unfortunate, that as a result of proposition 209, minorities and women, coming into universities, both Cal States and UC's are going to be fewer. Thus, this may even promote more segretation.

Nice talking to you Annie, Ed.