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From: valerie boes
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Date: 06 Dec 1996
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On wednesday ana asked me to go and color with her. We went into the other room and i brought all of these different kinds of markers and we started drawing. we talked about our families while we were drawing. i started to make her a picture and it took me about 45 minutes to complete it. i gave it to her and she was so excited. then she started to color on it- she put a heart and a flower. since she was coloring with markers, it smeared the picture and ruined part of it. she told me to make her another one and i said i would do it next time because we onlyh had 10 minutes left. all of a sudden she said she hated me (after all day long she was my best friend) and she just stared at me. i told her she was being rediculous and i wasnt going to do anything her if thats how she wanted to be and then i left. later befor she left she came and gave me a hug bye.


I have babisat for children around ana's age before. i know their little games they play to get their own ways. i use to try to reason with kids and try to make them not be mad at me before, but then i realized that it didnt' feel right to do that. so one reason i didn't beg ana to not hate me is because if she were to hate me because i didn't make her another picture, then perhaps she never liked me in the first place. second, if i were to make her another picture, everytime she wanted soemthing she would just be a little brat. while i know its not my job to teach morals or anything like that, i have a way that i like to be treated, and if i let a child step all over me then i dont really think anyone if benifiting. anyways, not giving into her felt right.


what would others do in a similar situation?