Re: ME:Maze and Wizard: pro and contras

From: Duane Cleghorn
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Date: 09 Dec 1996
Time: 15:40:40


I think the discussion went well about having the maze and or the wizard at B.U. One of the things I would like to stress about the maze is the fact that it gives everyone a clear idea of what they can and are trying to do. By this, I mean that when the kids are given the choice of computer games, there is usually confusion as to what they can and cannot play. The maze would give the undergrads an opportunity to say what the child needs to complete in order to finish, and if the kid doesn't want to, then he or she can play on the computers. Also, the maze gives an account of the progress the kids are making, whereas the computer games aren't a very accurate measure of progress when they usually don't play the same game twice. Just som ideas to think over