From: May Sarmac
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Date: 12 Dec 1996
Time: 20:46:10


The party at Barrios Unidos was pretty fun, though it could use much more organization. I didn't realize that there are so many kids that participate in the program. When I first got to the party, one of my friends was walking close behind me. Mariel saw me and my friend and instead of greeting us, she pointed at my friend and exclaimed, "Who is that?!". I introduced my friend to her, but Mariel did not give her a very warm welcome. I thought her beahvior towards my friend was interesting because I felt like the kids at B.U have gotten to know us and so used to us that they don't like new people or strangers. When the undergraduates went to the computer lab to play with the kids, it was great to see the kids sharing computers and inviting each other to play with them. I remember in the beginning of the quarter, we were the ones who asked the kids if they would mind if someone else played the game with them. It was heart warming to see the kids make friends with each other through the program.