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From: Miguel berkstrom
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VisitDate: 11/19/96
Collaborative: Selected
Bottom-up: Selected
Informal: Selected
Formal: Selected
LearningArea: ZPD
Date: 13 Dec 1996
Time: 14:11:42
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Miguel,male,21 Manuela,female,9 Maria,female,8


I was working with Manuela on the computer. It had not been turned on yet so I was trying to show and explain to her the steps for turning it on. Because of the language barrier we were having a really hard time understanding each other. I could sensed that we were both getting really frustrated. I realized that this was going to be complicated because Manuela had never learned how to start up the computers and enter a program. She was always just put in to a game without learning the process of getting there. Finally after a few minutes her friend Maria came over and helped me explain the steps to her. This meant a lot to all of us. It relieved the frustration Manuela and I were having in communicating with each other. It also allowed Maria to feel like she was a guide, or teacher if you will. So we all got a lot out of this encounter.


This reminded me of how we all get in small groups and discuss the readings. Every person has a little to add and an understanding is reached about the material. I think this was very collaberative and we started with the basics(bottom-up). It encompassed some formal learning skills but mostly it was informal. I think this was Manuela's ZPD for this exercise.


I noticed them because it interested me that she had never learned the bottom-up process for computers and therefor could not begin without being placed directly in the game.