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From: Miguel berkstrom
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VisitDate: 11/21/96
Collaborative: Selected
Bottom-up: Selected
Top-down: Selected
Informal: Selected
Formal: Selected
LearningArea: Self-Assistance
Date: 13 Dec 1996
Time: 14:38:43
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Miguel,male,21 Maria,female,8


I asked Maria to help me with my spanish by only talking to me in spanish. Except when I completely don't understand, then she will tell me in english. I really enjoy having her facilitate my learning while I am trying to do the same for her. She seems to have taken a liking to helping me and is enthusiastic about doing it.


I really enjoy this because when I was younger I had a very difficult time of comprehending another language, but with her help I feel more comfortable in trying to use what little I know. I think this was collaberative because we were acilitating each others learning. It encompassed both learning approaches because she would help me with the application of the language while also helping me with the basics like grammer and pronunciation. It also encompassed some of both types of learning. I would say we were both using our self-assisting area of learning.


I like to see how we can learn from each other. If I walk out of there feeling like I gained as much as the child, then I am very satisfied. Also I wondered how children try to teach each other, in viewing how Maria helped me learn.