ME:paper #2

From: Miguel berkstrom
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Date: 13 Dec 1996
Time: 17:43:57


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the goals I achieved in the class room and at BU. I want to know if I was more focussed on what I wanted out of the class, or if I was more it to what I could offer to the class. These also could go hand in hand. I know I had goals for myself in this class. I wanted to learn more about computers and the internet. I also wanted to see in class what the research had to say about children and computers. Finally I also was very interested in working in a bilingual environment. I feel that I received all of these. I got a tremendous amount out of the readings and classroom lectures/discussions. I also gained an understanding of the internet which I never had before. I came into this program with no internet skills and now I feel very comfortable using it. Finally, I was exposed to a bilingual environment where I could extend my spanish speaking abilities. So I feel I got from the class all that I wanted and I am thankful for that.

Then I thought about what I could bring to the learning environment. This included my experience with children, my desire to grow and learn myself, and my understanding of children's personalities. I tried to share all I could with my fellow undergraduates and with the children. I think I could have given more of myself in the long run, but then again that is what next quarter is for. I will be in the class next quarter and I look forward to working with the children again.