Michael Boris5 Rivkind and Tat'yana Rivkind  have two children:

106. Marina Michael Rivkind.

107. Leonid Michael Rivkind.


Elena Arnold Goronovich and Nickolai have only one child:

108. Eugene Nickolai Goronovich.


Irina Alexander Tokunova and Alexander Alexei Makarskii have two children:

109. Anton Alexander Makarskii was born on November 9, 1991 Zelenograd, Russia.

110. Eugene Alexander Makarskii was born on April 6, 1995, Zelenograd, Russia.


Elena Alexander Larchenko and Konstantin Anatolii Tischenko have only one child:

111. Alexandra Konstantin Tischenko was born on August 3, 1993, Moscow, Russia.


Michael Eugene and Marina Freidkin have only one child:

112. Alexandra Michael Freidkin was born on October 30, 1997, Moscow, Russia.


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