Psychology 100D: Cultural Perspectives on Developmental Psychology

Feedback reports:
Students' biweekly feedback on the class

You can check this feedback against our estimations of class workload.

  • Report#0. 01/22 -- 02/08 (fake)
  • Report#1. 04/15 -- 05/03
  • Report#2. 05/06 -- 05/17
  • Report#3. Final

  •  Report#1. 01/22-02/08 (fake)

    1. How is the class going?







      number of responses 0 0 4 11 6

      Total number of responses=21, Median=3.0

    2. Select the course areas you:
      like=2 so-so=1 dislike=0 Total Median course area
      16 3 0 19 2.0 Participation in web discussions
      9 10 0 19 1.0 Participation in class discussions
      9 9 1 19 1.0 Participation in small group discussions
      6 8 4 18 1.0 Reading assigned literature
      4 11 0 15 1.0 Developing group project & final paper
      13 6 0 19 2.0 Filling the feedback survey


    3. How many hours do you spend for writing reading and participating in the Web discussions per week?



      1-5 hours=1

      5-10 hours=2

      10-20 hours=3

      > 20 hours=4

      number of responses 0 13 8 0 0

      Total number of responses=21, Median=1.0

    4. How many times on average did you contribute (speak) in whole class discussions (per class meeting)?



      1-2 times=1

      3-4 times=2

      >4 times=3

      number of responses 8 11 1 1

      Total number of responses=21, Median=1.0

    5. How many times on average did you contribute (speak) in small group discussions of readings (per class meeting)?



      1-2 times=1

      3-4 times=2

      >4 times=3

      number of responses 0 8 5 7

      Total number of responses=20, Median=2.0

    6. How many postings on average did you post on the Web (per week)?



      1-3 =1




      8-9=5 >10=6
      number of responses 0 11 7 3 0



      Total number of responses=21, Median=1.0

    7. How much readings did you read for these two weeks?

        assigned literature





      number of responses 0 10 10 0

      Total number of responses=20, Median=1.5

    8. Do you feel:
      overwhelmed or totally lost=0 2
      behind=1 2
      basically OK=2 10
      you are getting it=3 6
      on top of the work=4 1
      Total 21
      Median 2.0

    9. Which of the assigned literature for the last two weeks do you really like (please, explain why) and which do you recommend to change (please, explain why and how)?

      A1: Option 2 I liked because it involved monkeys and other animals I really like to learn about animals and how they can relate to us. I also like anything that is related to Sign Language. Thanks!!!!!!!
      A2: I enjoyed the articles on the Monkeys. About a month ago, the Discovery Channel aired a weeks worth of various types of monkeys and discussed various aspects of them. I really enjoyed it. There was one in particular I enjoyed. It was about the Orangutans? and how in Indonesia or somewhere in that area, people snatch baby ones from their mothers and keep them as pets. It went on to talk about how these animals are taken back and taught how to survive in the wild. It was truly touching.
      A3: I enjoy the subject of anthropology very much. The idea of apes and humans as direct desendants of the same ancestor is very intruiging.
      A4: I really enjoyed the readings on the monkeys. It was very interesting to me how animals respond to human contact and how they think! However, The material we are reading is long and I have trouble paying attention for that length of time. Plus, I have three other classes that require a lot of reading and writing so it makes it tough to get everything done.
    10. How do you think the class can be improved?

      A1: I enjoy the readings, but pretty expensive to always copy. I often wonder if it is necessary to come to class. I would rather communicate over the net. So, far the topics are interesting and I enjoy following up on feedback from others and you. Thanks for showing the future teachers how to use the net. In the end, it will be beneficial as it has presently.
      A2: I enjoy interaction with other students as well aw the less formal interaction with the instructor, however I think more organization and formated exercises on the computer would help those of us who are not so comfortable with computers. .
      A3: I like the basic set up of the class, however I feel sort of confused because I don't feel like I'm learning a whole lot about cognition when I spend most of my time trying to figure out the web and respond to other classmates. I'm sending this message again because I got an error message. I hope this only gets to you once. :)
      A4: As I get more aquainted with using the web, I like it better. At first I had problems using it, I think because I have never had exposure to the internet before.

    THANKS for your very useful feedback and support!!!!!! I'll try to address some of your suggestions and concerns in my instruction. Eugene


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