Psychology 100G: Issue of Diversity in Developmental Psychology

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Feedback reports:
Students' biweekly feedback on the class

You can check this feedback against our estimations of class workload.

  • Report#0. 08/01 -- 08/15 fake example for illustration
  • Report#1. 09/26 -- 10/12
  • Report#2. 10/14 -- 10/26
  • Report#3. 10/28 -- 11/09
  • Report#4. 11/11 -- 11/20
  • Report#5. 12/25 -- 12/07

  •  Report#0. 08/01 -- 08/15 Fake Example!

    1. How is the class going?







      number of responses0021020

      Total number of responses=32, Median=3.6

    2. Select the course areas you:
      like=2so-so=1dislike=0TotalMediancourse area
      2093321.5Participation in web discussions
      17105321.4Participation in class discussions
      1886321.4Reading assigned literature
      21031.7Developing group project & final paper
      3200322Filling the biweekly feedback survey


    3. How many hours do you spend for writing Field Notes, reading, and participating in the Web discussions per week?



      1-5 hours=1

      5-10 hours=2

      10-20 hours=3

      > 20 hours=4

      number of responses0012164

      Total number of responses=32, Median=2.8

    4. Do you feel:
      overwhelmed or totally lost=01
      basically OK=216
      you are getting it=38
      on top of the work=44
    5. Which of the assigned literature for the last two weeks do you really like (please, explain why) and which do you recommend to change (please, explain why and how)?

      A1: I really like XXX article because it helps me to see different appraches to teaching, I suggest to cut YYY chapter because it was too technical (and long and boring) besides I don't think it adds much to a discussion on learning in informal settings. The other readings are OK.
    6. How do you think the class can be improved?

      A1: Thanks for the class!
      A2:.Please, cut reading and do more lecturing.
      A3: I'd like to see more reading on gender issues and more student-controlled class discussion. Other than that, the class is OK.
      A4: Can you add literature on distant learning, please?

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