Psychology 100G: Issue of Diversity in Developmental Psychology

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How to find a topic of interest to you on Internet

1.Select a topic dealt with in the text for your Internet search. Examples might include, for example, educational research, multicultural education, bilingual education, whole language instruction, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Erik Erikson, Lawrence Kohlberg, cultural diversity, standardized testing, authentic assessment and so forth, using topics throughout the text.

2.Search the Internet using the UCSC Web Research Tools or Microsoft or one or more Web Search Engines (e.g., AltaVista, EINet Galaxy, InfoSeek, Lycos, Yahoo, Web Crawler, or Magellan), to locate resources related to the topic you have selected.

Search Alta-Vista
Search Infoseek
Search Lycos
Search Webcrawler
Search Yahoo:

Note: ERIC (the Educational Resource Information Center), is an especially useful resource. It will be valuable to conduct Web searches going to ERIC as well as using a number of the search engines so that you can have a broad experience. It will also be valuable for you to explore the sites referenced on the UCSC Web Research Tools as well as on the UCI Educational Psychology Home Page.

Last changed: September 05, 2001