Psychology 100G: Issue of Diversity in Developmental Psychology

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Purposes & Expectations:
Reading the assigned literature

To support, stimulate, and ground your emerging inquiries about issues of diversity in developmental psychology (see the three core questions); to provide guidance and discussion on how to help children at the Barrios Unidos site, make observations, and write field notes; to inform you about latest advances in the field; and help you to develop your project resulting in your final papers.

My expectations:
I expect you to read all assigned reading before a corresponding class meeting (see reading schedule)and to prepare questions and comments (at least three) for the class discussion. You can also post your questions and comments on the Web site before or after the class.



Source for help

1. If you have problems with keeping up with the assigned reading, you should contact your the Instructor.Reading literature is a core of the class. Learning how to manage and prioritize your activities in the class and beyond is important skill to learn in the college.Instructor
2. If you feel that although you are able to keep up, you are overwhelmed with the assigned reading, please, contact the Instructor.It is important to find a zone of comfort in learning. This may require you to adjust the way you organize your activities, to make special arrangements, and/or to adjust the course assignments.Instructor

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