Psychology 100K: Development of Thought and Language

Goals, Expectations, & Responsibilities

General purpose of the class:
To learn how to see evidence of learning in ethnically diverse children in an informal setting based on computer technology and telecommunication. We are committed to making the class meaningful and to promoting a safe and supporting environment for the learning of all class members (including the Instructor and TAs). Many things are negotiable in the class except everyone's commitment to learning and meaningfulness.

Our expectations:
We generally expect from you and ourselves to make mistakes as well as to do our best to correct them. We specifically expect:

  • Participation in field observations and helping children at Barrios Unidos
  • Participation in writing Field Notes
  • Participation in the Web and class discussions
  • Reading the assigned literature
  • Writing the final papers
  • Filling out the biweekly feedback surveys
  • Participating in development of the class evaluation
  • General Responsibilities of the class members:

    For comments and questions contact the Instructor Eugene Matusov.
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