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Welcome to our web page! This page has been designed to assist first methods students with all the projects and problems you will encounter throughout the semester.  Here is a survival list for your semester:
Reflections on teaching practicum experiences
EDUC 310
      - Lesson Plans (10)
           - Word Recognition (2)
           - Read Aloud (2)
           - Reading Comprehension (2)
           - Writing - Craft (2)
                          - Mechanics (2)
EDUC 386
     -Technology Lesson Plans (2)
       - Software Reviews
EDUC 390
        - Discussion of 4 instructional strategies
EDUC 431
     -Classroom Management Description (2)
     -Discussion of 4 classroom management techniques
EDUC 432
     -Solar System Unit
EDUC 435
     - Discussion and results from the administration of the PIAT
                          Table of Contents
Word Recognition Lesson Plan This type of lesson plan involves topics such as: decoding, sight words, prefixes and suffixes, or any activity that involves recognizing components of language.
Read Aloud Lesson Plan This type of lesson plan involves selecting a book relevant to the current theme being discussed in the class. You will read your selected book aloud to the class and ask questions to assess their understanding.
Reading Comprehension This type of lesson plan involves having students read a book as a group or individually and assessing their comprehension of the story through activities such as character webs, story maps, or other methods that assess comprehension.
Writing - Craft This type of lesson involves having the students write a story using craft. Types of craft include story structure, point of view, adding verbs, descriptive writing, use of good leads, adding sensory details and feelings, or the use of transition words.
Writing - Mechanics This type of lesson plan involves having students write a story which focuses on the use of quotation marks, punctuation marks, capitalization, or the necessary components of a letter.
Technology Lesson Plans This type of lesson plan involves the use of technology to accommodate a lesson on language arts. 
Software Reviews These reviews have been compiled by all sections of methods blocks. They are reviews of language arts programs, all of which may be found in the 203 computer lab.
Discussion of 4 instructional strategies We have reviewed and provided a brief description of 4 instructional strategies which include STAD, TAI, Jigsaw, and Group Investigation.
Classroom Management Description This project is a requirement for EDUC 431. We interviewed our cooperating teacher and collected our own information and observations as to how the classroom was managed and operated.
Discussion of 4 classroom management techniques We have reviewed and provided a brief description of 4 classroom management techniques which include positive and negative reinforcement, DRA, and a token economy system.
Solar System Unit This unit contains lesson plans for 5 days. It covers information pertaining to the sun, the moon, and the planets. There are activities for each day, many of which employ constructivist teaching.
Discussion and results from the administration of the PIAT We administered the PIAT, as a requirement for EDUC 435. We analyzed the errors and provided suggestions to improve the instruction specifically in the areas of weakness.

     Here are some suggestions from students who have survived blocks! 

"I think they should definitely be told to get as much of the little stuff out of the way as early as possible. Other than that tell them to just take one project at a time. I found it helpful to make a big list of all our major assignments and when they were due. I hung it on the wall and as I turned in a project, I put a big red line through that assignment. It was encouraging each time I had something to cross out."

                                        - Jason

"My only advice for students in their first blocks is to stay ahead and try not to fall behind in ANY of the work. This includes observations for projects and readings in your own classes."

                                         - Patti

"My advice to upcoming block students would be to improve their time management. Wake up an hour or two earlier on the weekend, and knock out a project or a lesson. Get ed tech out of the way like Fahnoe suggested, that's a big help. Do work in groups, so if you have a problem with something, you wont sit around and waste time while complaining that you cant do it."

                                            - Rob

"I would say that you have to be on top of everything at all times. The first thing that I did this semester was take all of my syllabus's and make a huge calendar of when everything is due. This really helped me budget my time wisely and made me feel really in control of what was due and when. Another helpful hint I have is to learn to work with your partner in a productive way. This helps because you can help each other and work together more efficiently. One thing that might work (that I didn't do), is to set up a day or time each week to sit down with your partner to discuss everything that is due for the next week(s). Again, I am emphasizing the importance of organization- it's key. Another thing- really try to put your all into your lessons throughout the semester. I know that I didn't do this for my first two lessons. First of all, when your presenting them, you don't feel good about it, and second, you want your cooperating teacher to be impressed with your hard work and creative ideas."

                                          - Jenn

Ok, now some useful tips from us! This is what you REALLY need to survive:

      Lots of coffee

         Always look at the bright side!
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  Good luck with blocks - don't worry, you will survive! Thanks for visiting our web page!!!