What is EDUC 258- Cultural Diversity, Teaching and Schooling?
I bet you are wondering what you are going to be doing in this class. Right now either Renee, Eugene, Stephanie, or Heather are telling you that you are going to be going to this Latin American Community Center (LACC) and I'm sure you're thinking, "What in the world am I going to do there?" I know that's  what I was thinking when I entered this class. Most of you are taking this class because it is required for your program of study and, of course, since it fulfills the dreaded multicultural requirement J. But, that doesn't mean you know what you are doing. This website is somewhat of a heads-up of what to expect from the class and what their (Renee, Heather, etc.) expectations are of you.

About the class:
Discuss issues of cultural diversity in teaching and schooling. How do you handle people that are different than yourself? What are the different needs of different cultures? How can you teach different children in the same class? Are you prepared to encounter a variety of cultural backgrounds?

The class is designed to answer these kinds of questions. It prepares you to reach a culturally diverse class. It expands your horizons so as a teacher you are well prepared for any number of different cultural experiences. The LACC is that practicum that allows you to experience cultural diversity first hand.

About the LACC:
Community Center in downtown Wilmington for students (mostly minority) after school. The LACC works to find and promote each child's individual strength. The talents range from writing poetry to building computers. Link to LACC website.

Things To do at the LACC:
Computer Room*
Tutoring Room

Art Room
Dance Room
Music Room
ESL Room

Important to Remember:

Other Links:  

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Author's Page
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