Child Development 170: Contextual Influences on Cognitive Development

Students' biweekly feedback on the class

The purpose of this feedback is to collect information about how feel about the class so I can improve it on the fly through initiating class discussions about improving the class. I'll provide the feedback report as soon as possible. Your feedback is anonymous, however, you can sign your feedback if you wish. See my fake report for illustration of how the feedback can be done.

Please, fill out the information as requested and submit the form by each 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month by 7:00 pm.

You are going to provide your feedback for:

Mark appropriate:

  1. How is the class going?

    Bad Poor Fair Good Excellent
  2. Select the course areas you:
    like so-so dislike course area
    Participation in web discussions
    Participation in class discussions
    ------- ----- ------ --------------------------------
    Reading assigned literature
    Developing group project & final paper.
    Filling the biweekly feedback survey
    ------- ----- ------ --------------------------------
  3. How many hours do you spend for writing reading, participating in the Web discussions, and working on the group projects and final paper per week?

    None 1-5 hours 5-10 hours 10-20 hours More than 20 hours
  4. How many times on average did you contribute (speak) in whole class discussions (per class meeting):

    None 1-2 times 3-5 times More than 5 times

  5. How many times on average did you contribute (speak) in small group discussions of readings (per class meeting):

    None 1-2 times 3-5 times More than 5 times

  6. How many postings on average did you post on the Web (per week):

    None 1-3 4 5-6 7 8-9 More than 9

  7. How much readings did you read on average:

    None less than assigned exactly as assigned more than assigned

  8. Do you feel:

    overwhelmed or totally lost
    basically OK
    you are getting it
    on top of the work
  9. Which of the assigned literature for the last two weeks do you really like (please, explain why) and which do you recommend to change (please, explain why and how)?

  10. What do you like in the class? How do you think the class can be improved?
    (you can also add any other comments or questions here, signing is optional)

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