Publishing Web for Students' Final Papers

This Web page contains final papers that college students prepared for social science courses. The purpose of the web is to share students' work among themselves and broad public. We hope that this web will be useful for other students and all those who are interested in social sciences. We expect that this the students who publish their papers learn how to address their paper to unknown audience, to foresee readers' interest, and to engage them in a discussion via text.

You are invited to read and benefit from the papers. Individual feedback for the papers is welcome. While reading or writing feedback, please keep in mind that these are college students, not professional scientists or authors, and primarily need support for developing research and writing skills from their readers.

If you decide to use the students' writing in your own project, please, refer and acknowledge the authors appropriately. A suggested format of reference can be:

[Author name], [Date of publication]. [Title of the publication],, Publishing Web for Students' Final Papers.

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