Third Generation

Samuil and Leha Kheifets became the parents of two children:

12. Elya Samuil Kheifets(Leha2 Axelrod, Benjamen Julii1) (#59) was born 1910. Elya died 1995 Moscow, Russia, at 85 years of age.

He married Klara Moisey Kheifets Moscow, Russia, 1934. (Klara Moisey Kheifets is #60.)

13. Solomon Samuil Kheifets (Leah Axelrod, Benjamen Julii) was born 1912. He married Vera Kheifets  Moscow, Russia, 1939.


Zalman-Moshe and Ester Rivkind became parents of four children:

14. Moishe-Elie Rivkind was born in 1903. He married Sofia in 1929, Borisov, Belorusia. He was killed, as a warrior, in Stalingrad in 1942.

15.Gregory Solomon Rivkind was born in 1906. He married Ghenya in 1932, Leningrad, Russia. He was killed, as an officer, in 1942.

16.Joseph Solomon Rivkind in 1908. He married Elizabeth on May 31, 1941 Leningrad, Russia. He committed suicide on May 15, 1943, five months after Elizabeth's death.

17.Sophia Solomon Rivkind June 15, 1911. She married Yan Yacob Yavno, 1946, Moscow, Russia.


Abraham-Elye Benjamen Axelrod and Frida Abraham Axelrod had three children:

18.Hanna Abraham3 Axelrod (#69) was born on March 26, 1913. Hanna died April 30, 1994 in Pittsburgh, PA USA, at 81 years of age. She married Leonid Joseph Litman Moscow, Russia, 1940. (Leonid Joseph Litman is #70.)

19.Ida Elia Axelrod (#75) was born November 15, 1918. She married Elia Solomon Guzman Moscow, Russia, 1946. Ida died on November 15, 2001

20. Regina Elia Axelrod (#27) was born on  April 28, 1926. Regina died on December 30,1991 Moscow, Russia, at 62 years of age. She married Vladimir Rogachev Moscow, Russia, 1965. (Vladimir Rogachev is #82.)


Abraham Jacob Eydelman and Sarah Benjamen Axelrod had tweo children:

21.Roza Abraham2 Eydelman (#88) was born on March 18, 1918. She married Michael David Fridiev. (Michael David Fridiev is #89.)

22.Solomon Abraham Eydelman (#90) was born April 13, 1920.

He married Iskra Matthew Leibina Moscow, Russia, 1957. (Iskra Matthew Leibina is #91.)


Joseph Samuel Levit and Hanna Axelrod had two children:

23. Sophia Joseph2 Levit (#98) was born in Kharkov, Ukraine August 15, 1916. Sophia died October1, 1995 Moscow, Russia, at 79 years of age. Her body was interred October 3, 1995 in Moscow subarb, Malakhovka. She married Mark Isaak Wineberg 1943. (Mark Isaak Wineberg is #99).

24.Alexander Joseph Levit (#106) was born in Kharkov, Ukraine August 15, 1918. Alexander died August 25, 1988 Moscow, Russia, at 70 years of age.

He married Emma Arkadii Son Moscow, Russia, 1948. (Emma Arkadii Son is #107.)

Jacob Benjamen Axelrod and Muza Solomon Askinazi had three children:

25.Nina Jacob3 Axelrod (#112) was born Moscow, Russia October 10, 1922. She married Elya Matthew Lyakhovich Moscow, Russia, March 3, 1944. (Elya Matthew Lyakhovich is #113.)

26. Elena Jacob Axelrod (#125) was born Moscow, Russia January 31, 1929. Elena died June 21, 1973 Moscow, Russia, at 44 years of age. She married Michael Aaron Studnitz Moscow, Russia, April 1949. (Michael Aaron Studnitz is #126.)

27.Ella Jacob Axelrod (#132) was born Moscow, Russia February 12, 1935.


Solomon Shlame Five Matusov and Tat'yana Benjamen Axelrod had two children:

28.Lev Solomon Matusov (#1) was born Moscow, Russia June 1, 1927.(5) He married Inga Josef Orlova Moscow, Russia, November 11, 1951. (Inga Josef Orlova is #4.)

29. Jacob Shlame Matusov (#9) was born Moscow, Russia December 20, 1930. He married Irina Mark Shulutko Moscow, Russia, October 3, 1952. (Irina Mark Shulutko is #143.)


Joseph Benjamen Axelrod and Lidiya Leontii Vladimirskaya had two children:

30.Inonia Joseph3 Vladimirskaya (#190) was born Moscow, Russia June 22, 1926. She married twice. She married Vladimir Boris Solov'ev Moscow, Russia, 1945. (Vladimir Boris Solov'ev is #191.) and Sergei Sergei Bartsev Moscow, Russia, 1994. (Sergei Sergei Bartsev is #195.)

31.Marina Joseph Vladimirskaya (#196) was born Moscow, Russia August 3, 1929. She married George Tikhon Malyavin in Ryazan, Russia, 1954. (George Tikhon Malyavin is #197.)


Julii Benjamen Axelrod and Emma Arkadii Son had only one child:

32. Albert Julii Axelrod (#179) was born in Voronezh September 1, 1934. Albert died January 30, 1991 Moscow, Russia, at 56 years of age

He married Nataly Boris Morgulis Moscow, Russia, 1959. (Nataly Boris Morgulis is #180.)

Julii Benjamen Axelrod and Zoya Feodor Lebedenko had two children:

33.Nataliya Julii Lebedenko (#165) was born Moscow, Russia December 10, 1950. She married Sergei Michael Deev Moscow, Russia, December 9,1977. (Sergei Michael Deev is #166.)

34.Igor Julii Lebedenko (#168) was born Moscow, Russia June 21, 1952.

He married Ekatherina Nicolai Shebalina Moscow, Russia, February 1,1973. (Ekatherina Nicolai Shebalina is #169.)

The third Generation has 23 descendants of Benjamen Axelrod

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