Third Generation

4. Lev Solomon3 Matusov (Solomon2 Shlame, Fiveh1 Matusov) (#1) was born Moscow, Russia June 1, 1927.(5)

He is a son of Tat'yana Benjamen Axelrod and Solomon Fiveh Matusov.
At that time his parents occupied one room in the flat with many rooms on a First Mestshanskaya Street. His father Solomon Matusov had worked as a craftsman - watchmaker. His workshop was located very close to their home. In the beginning of 1928 the family moved to another flat at Tsvetnoi Blvd 21. 

There was born his youngest brother Jacob (Yasha) Matusov on December 20, 1930. 

In December 1932 their father felt ill with cancer of the esophagus. In spring 1933 his health got worse and uncle Julii picked Lev up to Voronezh. On September 29, 1933 Solomon died. In summer 1934 Lev came back. Their mother Tat'yana went back to her job. Their grand-mother Nokha - Feiga and aunt Clara decided to help Tat'yana to grow up her children and in December 1934 all of them moved to another flat at Spiridonovskaya St. 10 - 9. Soon Lev met Alexander Kalachev, who had lived at  same house, flat # 6. They had became the best friends for whole their lives. Lev and Alexander were listed on the roll as a student Moscow, Russia, September 1, 1935. On October 8, 1935 Lev had his appendix out in Filatov's Child Hospital

On June 22, 1941, Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. On July 4, 1941 he with his youngest brother, Jakob, and other children from their school were evacuated in village Kolibel'skoe, Ryazan's region. On October 20, 1941, their uncle Juliy picked they up and drove they to Voronezh. On November 1, he sent both brothers to their cousin, Sofia Rivkind, to Orenburgh, where she was evacuated from Gomel. On November 20, she sent them to Perm, where were evacuated their mother Tat'yana, aunt Clara and cousin Joseph Rivkind. Lev and Jakob arrived in Perm on December 1, 1941. In Perm they had continued their education - Lev was in seven grade, and Jakob was in fourth grade. After Lev have gotten through the 7-th grade, he started to work as apprentice of type-writer in the Molotov's Printing House of OGIZ, at the same time as he studied in eight grade. In June 1943, all family returned in Moscow.

He was a student Moscow, Russia, July 16, 1943. School: Moscow  Aircraft Engine Design Technical College  (MAMT). He graduated from this college, June 20, 1947. 

Lev's occupation: technician-experimentalist Moscow, Russia, August 1, 1947. He have worked as a technician-experimentalist in Aircraft - Engine Experimental Design Bureau, which was managed by General Designer Vladimir Klimov (OKB-45). He worked till September 1948.

He was a student Moscow, Russia, September 9, 1948. School: Moscow Aviation University (MAI).  From August 1, 1951 till August 27, 1951 he rested in resort Morshin-Zdroi in Ukraine, where on August 11 he met Inga J. Orlov, who soon became his wife.

He married Inga Josef Orlova Moscow, Russia, November 11, 1951. (Inga Josef Orlova is #4.) Inga was born Moscow, Russia August 24, 1929. Inga is the daughter of Josef Pavel Orlov and Maria Azriel Zinde.

At 25 years of age Lev became the father of Alex Lev Matusov Moscow, Russia, March 12,1953. Lev graduated Moscow, Russia, February 19, 1954. Institution: Moscow Aviation University. He graduated with Honor Diploma.

Lev's occupation: Design-engineer in Tushino, Moscow region, March 6, 1954. He started to work as a design-engineer in Tushino Air-Motor-Build Plant No.500. In January 1957, he got appointee - Head of Design Bureau. In this position he have worked till his retirement,on November 26, 1988.

At 33 years of age Lev became the father of Eugene Leo Matusov in Tushino, Moscow region, June 25, 1960. Lev retired Moscow, Russia, November 26, 1988.

On October 3, 1988, his youngest son Eugene with his family emigrated from the USSR. On December 6, 1988, they immigrated in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. On May 4, 1989 his oldest son Alex with his family emigrated from the USSR. On August 24, 1989, they immigrated in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. In March 1990 Alex found job in California and he and his family moved to Thousand Oaks, CA. On December 3, 1990 Lev and Inga arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as a visitor of their children. In October 1990, Alla, their daughter-in-law lost her job. She couldn't find it in SLC and only in April she found it in Phoenix, Arizona and moved there. Eugene have studied at University of Utah, so Inga and Lev completely took care of their grand-son Artyom (Tyoma). On January 8, 1991 they applied for political asylum. The representative of Mormon Church - Caroline have gathered a group of seven  people, who applied for asylum in the USA, including Inga, Lev and Eugene (as a translator) and organized their trip to Denver, CO, where was located the INS office for interview.

     Only Lev and Inga successfully passed the interview  and on September 27 1991 they received  a letter from Washington Processing Center, which informed they that they got a status of political asylum. Since this date they received welfare (money, food stamps and medical assistance) from Social Services.  On June 11 1992, they moved to Thousand Oaks, where have lived their older son Alex with his family. On July 4, 1992 they together with family of their youngest son Eugene moved to Palo Alto, CA.

    On April 1 - 4, 1996 Lev and Inga with their daughter-in-law Alla and grandson Tyoma took a trip to Washington.

    On October 21 - 28, 1996 Lev and Inga visited Lev's cousin Solomon Eydelman's family in Chicago.

    On October 22 - 29, 1997 Lev and Inga with their neighbors Toosya and Lev Ginsburg took a trip to Hawaii

    On November 10 - 17, 2001 Lev and Inga took a cruise on ship "Sea Princess" to Mexican Rivera.

They visited in Mexico three ports: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. On this ship on November 11, Inga and Lev celebrated their "Golden Wedding" (50-th anniversary of their wedding).


    He petitioned the court to become an American citizen in San Jose, California, USA, on November 1, 1996. Lev took an oath of allegiance in San Jose, California, USA, on June 27, 1998.

He has resided in Thousand Oaks, CA USA since December 1, 1999. 

Lev Solomon Matusov and Inga Josef Orlova had the following children:

child + 6 i. Alex Lev4 Matusov was born March 12,1953.

child + 7 ii. Eugene Leo Matusov was born June 25, 1960.


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