Fourth Generation

6. Alex Lev4 Matusov (Lev Solomon3, Solomon2 Shlame, Five1 Matusov) (#13) was born Moscow, Russia March 12,1953.


At the time when Alex was born, his parents - Lev and Inga had lived together with Lev's mother Tat'yana and Lev's aunt Clara. They occupied two adjoining rooms in a multy-rooms flat. One room was occupied by Clara and hall was occupied by Tat'yana, Lev and Inga. Moreover, the couple occupied a very small space behind the wardrobe. Lev was a student, yet and Inga had worked a first year after her graduation. The summer of  year 1953 was only summer at Alex's childhood, which he spent in Moscow

Tat'yana had worked very hard: one week at a day-shift, another week at a night-shift, so after at night-shift she had to rest at day time. Her salary was very low and for growing her children she was forced to work at home as a dressmaker  after her main job. The infant (Alex) used to be a very gentle child, but sometimes he cried and she couldn't rest. Nevertheless, she very liked him, as a her first grand-son. In July 1959, Lev's job gave him one room in two-rooms flat and Lev's family moved to Tushino, Moscow suburb.

On June 25, 1960, was born Alex's youngest brother - Eugene.

Alex was listed on the roll as a student at school #2 in Tushino, Moscow region, September 1, 1960. In August 1961 Tushino became part of Moscow.

In November 1962, Lev's job gave him a two-rooms apartment in North Tushino and he and his family moved there. Alex changed his school to school #826, which located in Northern Tushino. After eight grade Alex was taken up at math school #820.He graduated from high school on June 25, 1970. School: No. 820,Moscow, Russia. He tried to entrance as a student in Moscow Aviation University, but he was denied because he was Jew. On  September 1, 1970 Alex was listed on the roll as a student at Moscow Auto-Road University.

He married Helen Moysey Riekhenstein Moscow, Russia, November 20, 1974. (Helen Moysey Riekhenstein is #14.) Helen was born Moscow, Russia October 19, 1954. Helen is the daughter of Moisey Lev Riekhenstein and Elizabeth Nicholai Shagalova.

Alex graduated on June 21,1975 Moscow Auto - Road Universiy. His occupation: design - engineer in Science - Research Institute of Automobile Technology.

 At 24 years of age Alex became the father of Julia Alexander Matusov Moscow, Russia, December 22, 1977.   

On May 4, 1989, he, his wife Helen and their daughter Julia arrived in Vienna, Austria. They had Israel's visa, but they planned to move to the USA. On the last days of May 1989, they moved to Santa Marinela, Italy, where they had gotten the American visa, because Jewish Community Center of Salt Lake City, Utah agreed to become their sponsor. On August 24, 1989 they arrived in S.L.C. Destination: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

At 41 years of age Alex became the father of Elizabeth-Ann Matusov July 7, 1994.

Alex Lev Matusov and Helen Moysey Riekhenstein had the following children:

child 10 i. Julia Alexander5 Matusov (#140) was born Moscow, Russia December 22, 1977. 

child 11 ii. Elizabeth-Ann Matusov (#141) was born July 7, 1994.


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