Fourth generation

7. Eugene Leo4 Matusov (Lev Solomon3, Solomon2 Shlame, Five1 Matusov) (#15) was born in Tushino, Moscow region June 25, 1960.

His E-mail:
In July 1959, Eugene's parents Lev and Inga moved from Moscow to Tushino, which at this time was Moscow's suburb. On June 25, 1960, there was born Eugene. His parents both had worked at the plant # 500 in Tushino. The family - parents, Eugene's oldest brother Alex and Eugene occupied one room in two-rooms apartment with one neighbor. On November 1962 Lev got two-rooms apartment and family moved in. On August 1961, Tushino became part of Moscow. On September 1, 1967 Eugene was listed on the roll as a student at French school #79. In December 1967, Inga changed her job to "Giprokislorod." In spring 1968 Eugene fell ill with kidneys. This illness required a very special diet. So, in December 1968, the family changed their apartment to another region, very close to Inga's job. 

He started second grade at school #145, which located opposite his house. First four or fife years Eugene had problems with reading and writing, because he suffered from dyslexia and his grades were very low. But after 5-th grade his knowledge have improved very fast and after 7-th grade Eugene passed special exam and was listed on the roll as a student at physical - math school #91 Moscow, Russia. He graduated from this school as a Honor Student with many rewards on June 25, 1977.

He intended to continue his education in Moscow State University and many teachers recommended him to do it. But the ways to the universities in the Soviet Union were closed for him, because of he was Jew. The only university, which take Jewish student was a Moscow Auto-Road University. He was listed on the roll as a student at this University on September 1, 1977. Eugene graduated Moscow, Russia, June 20, 1982. Institution: Moscow Auto-Road University. He graduated as an engineer of computer-science with a Honor Diploma. 

Eugene's occupation: Teacher of physics at middle school Moscow, Russia, September 1,1982, but he has dreamed to study psychology. It was forbidden for him, due to state Anti-semitizm. He tried to study it independently and one of the University's professors - Dr. Eugene Subbotsky helped him.  He married Alla Alexander Ryzhikh Moscow, Russia, September 17, 1983. (Alla Alexander Ryzhikh is #16.) Alla was born Moscow, Russia March 4, 1960. Alla is the daughter of Alexander Ryzhikh and Lyudmila Isaii Zilberberg.


At 23 years of age Eugene became the father of Artyom Eugene Matusov Moscow, Russia, April 27, 1984.

He emigrated, October 3, 1988. Point of origin: Moscow, Russia. 

On October 3, 1988, he, his wife Alla and their son Artyom arrived in Vienna, Austria. They had Israel's visa, but they planned to move to the USA. On October 17, 1988, they moved to Ladispoly, Italy, where they had gotten the American visa, because Jewish Community Center of Salt Lake City, Utah agreed to become their sponsor. On December 6, 1988 they arrived in S.L.C.

He became a student at University of Utah on September 1, 1989.  Eugene graduated from University of Utah in March 1993 with Master's Degree in psychology. 

He resided in Palo Alto California,  June 27, 1992.  Eugene graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz on December 15, 1994 with Doctoral Degree in psychology.  In December 1994 he became a  post-doctoral fellow at UCSC 

Graduation ceremony on June 18 1995.

He became Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware on September 1, 1997. For more information about Eugene's professional career see his vita at .He resides in Philadelphia, PA since August 27, 1999.


 He visited the following countries:

Austria - in 1988;

Italy - (twice) in 1988 and in 1999;

Spain - (twice) in 1992 and in 1998;

England - in 1993;

Canada - (twice) in 1995 and in 1999;

Switzerland - (twice) in 1996 and in 1997;

France - in 1996;

Germany - in 1997;

Japan - in 1997;

Denmark - in 1998;

Mexico - in 1998; 

Netherlands - in 2000;

South Africa - in January 2001.

Eugene rides a horse, Thunderbolt, in California, Winter 1994 Eugene rides a bike in his Delaware appartment, Winter 1998

Eugene Leo Matusov and Alla Alexander Ryzhikh had the following child:

child 12 i. Artyom Eugene5 Matusov (#17) was born Moscow, Russia April 27, 1984. 


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