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Photo of Eugene MatusovProfessor of Education, School of Education, University of Delaware. My research and educational interest is dialogic pedagogy and studying how to design safe learning environments for all students. I want to learn from informal settings and innovative educational institutions how to design for learning without failure and to provide sensitive guidance. Following Dr. Jean Lave, I believe that learning is an aspect of any activity. Since everybody learns all the time, the question for educators is not whether a student learns form a lesson or not but what exactly people learn from their engagement in the activities. I argue that learning can be holistically understood as people becoming members of their communities of practice. In this sociocultural approach, learning is viewed as transformation of participation in a sociocultural practice. Sometimes due to political, economic, historical, social, and cultural reasons, person's access to meaningful participation in practices is blocked and desirable learning is arrested. I am interested in the process of how the access to participation in valuable practices meaningful for a learner is systematically denied and of how people learn to become "disabled" in institutional settings (especially, in schools) as a result of this... read more

Eugene Matusov
Willard Hall, Room#206D
School of Education
University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-1266 (office); 
Fax: (302) 831-4110
E-mail address:

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"Each solution is a new problem, the progress occurs when people feel better living with the new problems then with the old problems"
Eugene rides a horse, Thunderbolt, in California, Winter 1994

Eugene rides a bike in his Delaware appartment, Winter 1998

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